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7th Grade Elements Test
(Revised 2009)
1. A dotted half note gets how many beats?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 6
2. A whole note gets how many beats?
a) 3
b) 2
c) ½
d) 4
3. A pattern of short and long sounds is a:
a) Rhythm
b) Steady beat
c) Melody
d) Pulse
4. The pulse of the music is the:
a) steady beat
b) melody
c) harmony
d) timbre
5. 2/4 meter is also known as _________ meter.
a) triple
b) quadruple
c) ternary
d) duple
6. Triple meter can also be written as:
a) 2/4
b) ¾
c) 4/4
d) 6/8
7. The top note in a time signature tells what?
a) how many beats in a measure
b) what tempo to play
c) what notes gets a beat
8. The two numbers at the beginning of music are called the:
a. measure
b. clef
c. time signature
d. tempo
9. The term that musicians use for a fast tempo:
a) largo
b) allegro
c) adagio
d) moderato
10. To play at a “Largo” tempo means to play:
a) Soft
b) Very Fast
c) Loud
d) Very Slow
11. What tempo would be more appropriate for a funeral song?
a. presto
b. very fast
c. allegro
d. largo
12. The symbol “ff” stands for _______ and means to______________.
a) Mezzo piano, play soft
b) Perfect piano, play pretty
c) fortissimo, play very loud
d) Mezzo-forte, play medium loud
13. What dynamic marking would be most appropriate for a heavy metal rock and roll song?
a. piano
b. mezzo piano
c. mezzo forte
d. fortissimo
14. The background music for a love scene in a movie would most likely be what dynamic?
a. piano
b. mezzo forte
c. forte
d. fortissimo
15. The first space on a treble clef is:
a. F
b. A
c. C
d. E
16. The first line on a treble clef is:
a. E
b. G
c. B
d. D
17. The first space on the bass clef is:
a. G
b. E
c. C
d. A
18. The first line on the bass clef is:
a. B
b. D
c. F
d. G
19. The top space on the treble clef is:
a. C
b. E
c. F
d. A
20. Harmony is:
a. a pattern of short and long sounds
b. the speed of music
c. a series of high and low pitches
d. two or more sounds played at the same time
21. When there is more than one rhythm played at the same time it is:
a. polyphony
b. polyrhythm
c. solo
d. melody
22. When there are two or more melodies played together it is a:
b. polyrhythm
c. solo
d. melody
23. A simple pattern of notes that keeps the melody company is the:
a. polyphony
b. fugue
c. accompaniment
d. melody
24. Form is:
a) The way music is organized
b) An series of high and low pitches
c) A pattern of short and long sounds
d) Two or more sounds played together
25. Dal Segno means to:
a) Go back to the sign
b) Stop
c) Go to the end
d) Repeat a section
26. A song with three separate sections would be in what form?
a. binary
b. ternary
c. fugue
d. a round
27. What signs tells you to “play again”?
a. coda
b. da capo
c. repeats
d. dal segno
28. A series of high and low pitches produce a:
a. harmony
b. melody
c. rhythm
d. timbre
29. What word would be spelled on the treble clef using the second space, third space and fourth space?
a. BED
b. FED
c. ACE
d. AGE
30. What acronym could be used to remember the bass clef spaces?
b. All Cows Eat Hay
c. All Cars Eat Gas
d. Fat Albert Chews Eggs