Download Egypt Study Guide Egypt is found on the continent of Africa

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Egypt Study Guide
Egypt is found on the continent of Africa.
Papyrus- Plant used to make paper
Cataracts - Waterfalls found along the Nile/Made travel difficult
Silt - Mixture of soil and small rocks; makes soil fertile
Unify - Unite or join together as with Upper and Lower Egypt
Hieroglyphics - Ancient Egyptian picture writing; decoded with the Rosetta Stone
Mummy - preserved dead body; used on dead pharaohs; took 70 days
Pyramid – served as houses for the dead pharaohs including possessions for the
Rosetta Stone – key to decoding hieroglyphics.
Who is…..
Ra – Sun god; main god of ancient Egypt
Hatshepsut – became pharaoh when her husband died.
The Nile: Brings life to Egypt
Floods annually
 Too much flooding – destroys crops
 Too little flooding – plants will die; Egyptians would use stored surplus food
Flows northward
Deposits silt that makes land fertile
Black Lands –fertile land along the Nile
Red Land – Desert land beyond the Black lands
Social pyramid
identify the Nile River, the delta, Lower
Egypt and Upper Egypt.