Download Assignment 1 Presentation Due Monday, March 4 th , 2013 in Class

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Assignment 1
Presentation Due Monday, March 4th, 2013 in Class
Alan Turing considered the question “Can Machines Think?”.
Prepare a 5 page report and a related 20 minute ppt presentation in which you consider
the question "Can Machines Think?" Explain how your opinion differs from that of Turing.
You may include some of the following points (not all) along with possibly other points of
your own interest.
Your report must be based on papers and reports that you reference such as given
below. You can work in groups of three and you will be asked to share the Powerpoint
presentation. Find relevant papers on the web and in the library. Reference all your
sources carefully. Make sure that you use quotes to indicate any words or text that you
take from the web or other sources.
You are welcome to visit my office for help at any time.
Possible Sources
[1] Negnevitsky M., Artificial Intelligence, A Guide to Intelligent Systems, 2011
[3] Udacity,
[3] Hodges A. , “The Alan Turing Home Page”,
[4] Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence,
[5] Stone and Hirsh, “Artificial Intelligence: The Next Twenty-Five Years” ,
[6] IBM’s Watson Program on Jeopardy,
[7] IBMWatson.
[8] Russell S. and Norvig P., Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach