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Key Terms:
City State
Be able to Answer:
1. What are the 3 elements that affect worldview? Examples?
2. What are the 3 factors that worldview can affect in society? Examples?
3. Why is learning or knowing another culture's or society's worldview is important?
4. In the Middle Ages, what was the worldview of many Christian Europeans during this
5. In the Middle Ages, what was the greatest influence over art and architecture in
Western Europe?
6. What were the Crusades?
7. What was the Silk Road? How did it affect/change the worldview of the people
8. Describe the social structure/hierarchy that was in place during the Middle Ages? How
did this social structure change during the Renaissance?
9. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, why did people choose to move from the rural
areas into the city-states?
10. What were the similarities & differences between the Italian city states?
11. Why was Italy’s geographic location important in the development of the city states?
12. What events led to the start of the Renaissance?
13. What beliefs and ideals did humanists support? Humanism led to decrease in whose
14. What was the Protestant Reformation? What led to the beginning of the Protestant
15. Who was Martin Luther? What did he oppose in the Catholic Church?
16. How did Art & Paintings change during the Renaissance? What new ideas/techniques
17. What occupations/fields of study were slow to progress because they challenged the
teaching of the Catholic Church?
18. How did the publication of books help to further spread Renaissance works and
discoveries through Europe?
19. How did the translations of Greek & Roman writers & vernacular texts affect European
20. Why did Renaissance Europe want to control trade, explore and control the new
sources of luxury goods?
21. Towards the end of the Renaissance, how did the focus shift from trade to exploration?
22. What was the Age of Exploration? What were the main objectives of the imperialistic
countries during this time?
23. Why did Spain, England, Portugal & France become the most influential countries
during the Age of Exploration?
24. In what ways did the rising merchant class contribute to the Age of Exploration?
25. How did imperialism & mercantilism help spread the Renaissance worldview?
26. Draw a timeline spanning from the Middle Ages to the end of the Renaissance –
labelling all the important events & changes in worldview including:
o Humanism
o Protestant Reformation
o Black Death
o Crusades
o Trade on the Silk Road
o Exploration & Colonization
o Formation of Nations
o Downfall of Feudal System
o Invention of Printing Press
o Urbanization
o Inflation