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Chapter 1
Medieval Period – What was the years this timeframe spanned?
Feudal system – what is the hierarchy? Who owes what to each other in this system, know the players
in this system and how they function, know about the land parcels – what they are called and how are
divided up
The Black Death – what caused it and what changes did it create in social systems
Urbanization – what did movement to the city mean? What is the new rising middle class?
Role of the Church – in education and authority
Crusades and Silk Road – what are these? What moves along with people during these events in terms
of goods ideas, good and bad things.
Italy – birth place of the Renaissance. What is a city state, a republic, an oligarchy, a despot?
Geographical advantages that Italy enjoyed.
Renaissance – What was the years that this timeframe spanned. A rebirth of what?
What is Humanism? How does it change the worldview. How is authority being challenged and how is
authority responding to these challenges?
Venacular vs. Latin
Rise of education – for whom? What or who is limited in educational opportunities and why?
Heresy – Indulgences – Excommunication
Merchant Class – why are they rising and how are they spreading ideas/support of artists/musicians –
Printing press – who invented it, based from what original idea, when, what was first book off the press,
what impacts does the press have for worldview
Know who Copernicus was, know who invented the printing press. Don’t focus on the other individuals
for this exam – I will be asking more about the groups of people generally and about concepts and
worldviews than about individuals on this exam.