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Social Studies 8:
Renaissance Europe
Chapter 2: The Expansion of Trade (pages 38-57)
READ ALL of chapter 2 and then complete the following activities:
Create “jot notes” on Chapter 2 following the format discussed in class.
Section 1: The Rise of International Trade
Define the following: Crusade
Answer the following questions:
1. In what ways do you think the Polos’ worldview might have been different from
the worldview of most people of the Middle Ages? (pg. 39) /1
2. a) Why do you think Marco Polo’s writings about his travels became so popular?
(pg. 38, fig. 2.1) /2
b) What does this show about people’s attitudes toward the world beyond
Europe? /1
3. a) What were the five main areas you would travel through if you were traveling
along the “silk road?” (pg. 40) /5
b) What kinds of products were traded on the “Silk Road” and which country was
each found in? /16
4. What factors do you think contributed to the rise of trade between Western
Europe and the East at the beginning of the Renaissance? (pg. 40) /2
5. What connections can you make between the Crusades and what you read in
Chapter 1 about the importance of religion in the worldview of medieval Europe?
(Zoom In pg. 41) /2
6. Muslims, Christians and Jews had managed to share the Holy Land for close to
400 years. What elements of the conflict during the Crusades do you see in
current tensions in the Middle East? /1
7. How many different goods can you identify? (figure 2.5 pg 42) /10
8. a) Create a cause-and-effect diagram or chart for the three factors that you think
were most important in the rise of trade n Europe starting in the 1300’s. (Over to
You pg. 46) /6
Causes of the rise of trade
Effects of the rise of trade
b) Why did geography have such an important effect on economic relationships during
the Renaissance? /2
Section 2: The Italian City-States
Define the following: city-states
Answer the following questions:
1. a) How do the painting and quotation illustrate their creators’ pride in their city,
Florence? (Exploring Sources pg. 47) /3
b) How does the hinterland support life in Florence? /3
c) Identify and explain what geographic features make Florence a suitable site for a
city. /4
d) Feudalism was a powerful institution in Italy. Use the elements in the worldview
icon to consider in what ways this might have affected the worldview of the people
living in the city-states. /3
How did trade contribute to the quality of life of Venetians? (Exploring Sources
pg. 49) /4
3. a) Consider why so many Medici met violent deaths, some engineered by other
member of their own family. What are three reasons you think this happened?
(Zoom In pg. 54 /3)
b) Which factors in the worldviews icon explain the success of the Medici family?
4. Refer back to the Voices feature on page 51. Create a T-chart to examine how
each model benefits and harms: the worker, the master/merchant, the consumer.
Answer: the worker
Guild System
Benefits to workers
Harm to workers
Capitalist System
: the master/merchant
Guild System
Benefits to master/merchant
Harm to master/merchant
Capitalist System
: the consumer
Guild System
Capitalist System
Benefits to consumer
Harm to consumer
Section 3: Explore the Big Ideas pg. 57
1. Complete the chart to help you identify ways that increased trade and business
affected the worldview in Renaissance Europe. /7