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Email Template – From Your Boss
Dear All,
At <Company Name> we encourage our colleagues to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
at work.
Today, the Foundation is the leading organization in Canada dedicated to creating a future without
breast cancer. Since 1986, from coast to coast, the Foundation has invested over $274 million to fund
vital research and community health grants that have led progress in breast cancer prevention,
diagnosis, treatment and care. By supporting the Foundation, you help drive progress in breast cancer
research, education and advocacy.
But there is more work to be done. Despite great strides, one in nine Canadian women is estimated to
be diagnosed with breast cancer within her lifetime. That’s why the support of donors, corporate
partners and volunteers is vital.
Together we can make a difference and encourage our employees to get involved in the cause, host
fundraisers and participate in workplace giving events and through payroll giving.
For more information on the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation please visit
<Your Boss’s Name Here>