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QT is a public domain
oncological database
designed for
multidisciplinary Breast Units
Breast Units can use QT to manage
patient care, file relevant information
on cases and evaluate their own
Q stands for Quality,
T stands for Treatment
but the domain of this Audit system
includes also screening, assessment,
pathology, and follow up
QT has been adopted as
the EUSOMA data base.
QT calculates, also, surgical outcome
measures from the 3rd edition of the
European Guidelines for Quality Assurance
in Mammography Screening
Europe Against Cancer
QT has been developed (since 1995)
by a multidisciplinary team within
the European Breast Cancer Network
with co-ordination by CPO-Piemonte
and has now several hundreds users
in Europe.
QT is now available in
five languages:
Available autumn 2003
QT 4.0, implementing EUSOMA
diagnostic performance parameters,
allowing to monitor all assessment
sessions of breast lesions (currently,
QT is designed to monitor assessment
and management of patients
undergoing surgery).