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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
September 22, 2015
The Mount Carmel Senior Living community is proud to support the fight against
Breast Cancer. Some of our employees and residents have experienced breast
cancer which has taught us the importance of doing our part to find the cure.
Each year, our employees endeavor to create Breast Cancer awareness and raise
funds. This year, employees and friends have donated gift baskets to be chanced
off. Displays and seasonal decorations have been made which have been placed
throughout our facility. Our residents are also contributing their talents by
decorating pumpkins to help raise funds.
I would like to thank those who have done the organizing, donating and decorating
for this worthwhile cause. Your contributions will find the cure!
Steve Wetzel, NHA
2616 Locust Gap Highway, Mount Carmel, PA. 17851 * (570) 339-2501 * Fax (570) 339-0430