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Email Template – To Your Boss
Dear <insert name of senior manager>
I would like your support in engaging my colleagues in supporting the breast cancer cause by hosting
regular office fundraising events and encouraging staff participation. With your endorsement, we can
truly make a difference and have some fun at the same time!
The Foundation has become the leading organization in Canada dedicated to creating a future without
breast cancer. Our efforts will help the Foundation to continue funding vital research and community
health grants that are leading progress in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.
But there is more work to be done. Despite great progress, one in nine Canadian women is estimated to
be diagnosed with breast cancer within her lifetime. That’s why the support of corporate partners,
sponsors, volunteers and donors is vital.
With your help of matching the donations from our engaged employees, our collective contribution can
not only double our impact to the breast cancer cause, but build a sense of community shared
experience and values with lasting positive effect on our workplace. All corporate donations are tax
receipt able.
For more information on the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation please visit
<Your name here>