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Randomized clinical trial to assess the value of breast-conserving therapy in stage I and stage II breast cancer (EORTC Trial 10801). Kaplan-Meier curves
for (A) overall survival, (B) distant metastases-free survival, (C) locoregional recurrence-free survival in patients with a diagnosis of clinical stage I or II
invasive carcinoma of the breast treated with either breast-conserving therapy (BCT) plus breast radiotherapy or with mastectomy. (N, number of patients;
O, observed.) [Reproduced with permission, from Van Dongen JA, Voogd AC, Fentiman IS, et al. Long-term results of a randomized trial comparing
breast-conserving therapy with mastectomy: European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer 10801 trial. J Natl Cancer Inst.
Source: Chapter 45. The EORTC Experience: From DCIS to Locally Advanced Breast Cancer, Kuerer's Breast Surgical Oncology
Citation: Kuerer HM. Kuerer's Breast Surgical Oncology; 2010 Available at: Accessed: May 02, 2017
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