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Photographs of a patient undergoing routine screening mammography. In the craniocaudal view (left), the direction of the x-ray beam is from the cranial or
the superior aspect to the caudal or the inferior aspect of the left breast. Note the detector of the x-ray beam is inferior to the compressed breast. In the
mediolateral oblique view (right), the direction of the x-ray beam is from medial to lateral along an oblique. Note that the detector is lateral to the
compressed right breast.
Source: Screening for Breast Cancer, Textbook of Surgical Oncology
Citation: Morita SY, Balch CM, Klimberg V, Pawlik TM, Posner MC, Tanabe KK. Textbook of Surgical Oncology; 2016 Available at: Accessed: May 13, 2017
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