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Fill in the 24 blanks above with the answers to the phrases below. Each blank = one box. Fill the blanks in any order.
1. The _________________ is any inherited characteristic (a genetic variation) that can increase an organism’s chance of survival.
2. Structures/limbs that are different in structure but similar in function (bat wing and butterfly wing) are known as
____________________ structures.
3. Evolution occurs as a result of _____________________________ (2 words).
4. The 5 conditions of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium are:
a. Large _________________.
b. Random ______________.
c. No ___________________ that cause changes in genes.
d. No movement of genetic information from one population to another - _______________/emigration.
e. No natural selection (no one is more fit to the environment than another).
5. ___________________ structures, similar structure but different function, came from the same embryonic tissue.
6. _____________________ shows the geographically separated species may have descended from a common ancestor.
7. The strongest evidence for evolution and the best way to determine how closely species are related to each other is
________________________________________ (3 words).
8. A preserved remain from an ancient organism is a _________________________.
9. Embryos of several types of animals that look very similar during the early stages of development indicate that they may have a
common ______________________.
10. The process of humans choosing variations that they find useful is known as ___________________________ (2 words).
11. ______________________ structures are small, non-functioning organs that show an organism’s evolutionary past.
12. A diagram that shows the evolutionary relationship between a group of organisms is called a __________________.
13. Evolution occurs due to the change of the relative frequency of _______________________in a population over time.
14. The ability of an individual to survive and reproduce in its specific environment is called _______________________.
15. When examining a fossil record, the oldest layer is at the ______________________.
16. Darwin sailed around for 5 years on a research vessel named the Beagle and based most of his conclusions on observations he
made of wildlife in the _______________________ islands.
17. Genetic change in a population through time is known as _______________________.
18. The 5 basic components of Natural Selection are:
a. All species have __________________________ (2 words) which allow each species to be different, even within itself.
b. Organisms produce more ______________________ than can survive.
c. Since more organisms are produced than can survive, there is _____________________ (struggle for existence).
d. Survival of the fittest.
e. Descent with ____________________________.