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Title of Assignment: Creature Feature Project
Student I.D.:
Completed for: Ms. Lytle
Year Completed:
Standards Addressed:
High School Biology Standard 7. a., c., and d., and 8. a., b., d.
7. a. Students know why natural selection acts on the phenotype rather than the genotype
an organism.
7. c. Students know new mutations are constantly being generated in a gene pool.
7. d. Students know variation within a species increases the likelihood that at least
some members of a species will survive under changed environmental conditions.
8. a. Students know how natural selection determines the differential survival of groups of
8. b. Students know a great diversity of species increases the chance that at least some
organisms survive major changes in the environment.
8. d. Students know reproductive or geographic isolation affects speciation.
Critical and Creative Thinkers
Effective Communicators
Collaborative Workers
Purpose of Assignment:
The purpose of this assignment is three fold. The first goal is for students to better
understand the process and results of natural selection and long term evolution. The
second goal is for students to understand what organisms need to survive, and the myriad
of ways they can meet those needs. The final goal is to allow students to express their
learning in diverse ways, namely through 2-D or 3-D art, and through written work.