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Aztec, Maya, Inca Project
You may select a project idea from the list below or propose one of your own. Project will be
worth 80 points and late projects will have points taken off each day they are late. Use the
textbook, internet, and notes to assist you in finding information for your project. Project
covers standard:
SSWH8 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the development of societies in Central and South
a. Explain the rise and fall of the Olmec, Mayan, Aztec, and Inca empires.
b. Compare the culture of the Americas; include government, economy, religion, and the arts of the Mayans, Aztecs,
and Incas.
1. Use PowerPoint to create a multi-media slide presentation of information related to one of
the following civilizations= Maya, Inca, Aztec. Slides should include information on location,
religion, government, society, architecture, etc.(Minimum 15 slides for presentation)
2. Create a museum display featuring objects (either found or made) that represent the Maya,
Inca, or Aztec civilizations in a shoe box. Be sure to neatly write a title of each item and brief
description of each item on an index card. Minimum 8 cards for 8 objects.
3. Create a diorama of a scene of daily life from the Maya, Inca, or Aztec civilization.
4. Recreate a page from the Mayan Codex (colored), must be at least the size of 1 piece of
regular sized paper, translate for the class what the symbols mean.
5. Write the script for a talk show interview with an ancient Mayan, Incan or Aztec leader who
has time traveled to the present to tell us about his or her daily life, job, class in society,
responsibilities, meals, etc.
6. Create a colorful children’s story book (even a pop-up book) and illustrate it. 2 sentence
minimum per page with colored pictures. (minimum 8 pages)
7. Create a detailed 3-D map of the areas that the 3 Civilizations (Maya, Inca, Aztec) lived in in
the Western Hemisphere. Remember to include the time periods in which they lived, since there
will be some overlap.
8. Invent a board game based on what you have learned about the Aztecs, Incas or Mayas.
Write the rules so that classmates can play it in class. (Test it out with family or friends first to
make sure your game works!)
9. Compare & contrast the 3 Civilizations (Maya, Inca, Aztec) on a poster. Include information
on Religion, Government, Location, Time Period, Culture and Society.
10. Create a scrapbook that documents an imaginary trip to one of the 3 civilization.
(Minimum: 8 pages with written descriptions and pictures)
11. Make a story map or timeline depicting the main historical events of one of the cultures.
Include pictures and details, for each entry. (Minimum: 10 events, each with pictures)
12. Draw a storyboard/cartoon illustrating one of the Aztec, Mayan, or Incan legends.
(Minimum: 8 cartoon blocks. 4 cartoon block per 1 page of paper. Must be colored and have
written info for each block.)
13. Develop a 3-D model of one of the following ancient sites Macchu Pichu, the Temple of
Kulkulkan at Chichén Itzá or even a Sacred Cenote or Chinampas. Write a brief description
about this important historical place.
14. Create a picture collage of one of these regions of Mexico and the continuing influence of
the Aztecs or Maya in present day Mexico and attach a typed paragraph description (minimum:
10 sentences) about why you included certain images. Collage must be the size of 4 pieces of
paper and have at least 15 images, there should be no blank space on your collage.