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Maya, Aztec, and Incan Religion
What you will do
Investigate the complex religious systems of the Maya, Aztec, and Inca
Create a pamphlet highlighting one of the religions and its principal deities,
rituals, festivals, and creation accounts.
What you will need
Web Sites:
Aztec Mythology
Accounts of myth origins and descriptions of key deities
Maya Religion
An overview of the history, texts, beliefs, and practices
Chichén Itzá Mayan Temples in the Yucatan
Descriptions of temples at the Maya ceremonial site
Maya Aztec Inca Religion
Click on each of the three religion links (black text) to learn about particular
beliefs and practices.
A description of the Aztec god of war, with links to other deities
Andean Cosmology
A detailed account of Incan religion from the prehistoric times to
contemporary practices
Inca Religion
A thorough explanation of the Incan religious system
The Sacrificial Ceremony
NOVA's account of "capacocha," the Inca sacred rite of human sacrifice
Aztec and Inca Civilizations
Watch Background Movies 1 and 2 to learn more about Aztec religious
practices. Watch Movie 4 to learn about Inca culture and religion.
How you will do it
1. Choose, or your teacher will assign, a civilization and its religious belief
2. Use the pertinent web sites to research the civilization's religion and its
influence in the society. Refer to your textbook or other book references
for additional information if necessary.
Maya, Aztec, and Incan Religion
3. Review and discuss your findings with others who studied the same
4. Design and write your pamphlet. Highlight the key features of the religious
belief system. The pamphlet should include descriptions of principal deities,
rituals, festivals, and creation accounts or legends. If completing in a small
group, allocate writing assignments and responsibilities. Be sure to proofread
and edit the text before assembling your pamphlet.
5. Display your pamphlet in the classroom as directed by your instructor.
6. Review pamphlets on the civilizations that you did not research. Be prepared
to discuss the similarities and differences between these belief systems and
how each functioned in their respective civilizations.