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Wld. Hist. 9
Read Ch. 16 sec. 2-3-4 and answer each question with complete sentences on your own paper.
1. What years are known as the Classic Period of the Maya Civilization?
2. Using the map on p. 447, what peninsula was the Mayan civilization located?
3. What did the Maya sometimes use as a form of currency?
4. What are the steps involved in slash –and-burn agriculture?
5. Who made up the middle class of Mayan society?
6. How did someone become king in Mayan society?
7. What did the Maya base their calendars on?
8. What is a codex?
9. During the 700s, what affected did warfare have on the Mayan economy and trade?
10. What are three advantages of the Valley of Mexico attracting people to settle there?
11. What is obsidian?
12. According to the Aztec, who was the god of the sun and warfare?
13. Aztecs often demanded tribute from their conquered subjects in the form of what
14. What are the three classes of Aztec society?
15. What were chinampas in Tenochtitlan?
16. What did the sun god Huitzilopochtli need as nourishment to make the sun rise?
17. What was the most worrying event for the Aztec during the reign of Montezuma II?
18. Where were the fertile lands that the Inca finally settled?
19. How far did Pachacuti’s Inca empire stretch and how many people was the empire
home to?
20. What was the official Inca language?
21. Where did all Incan roads led to?
22. Did the Inca posses iron tools? Did the Inca use the wheel?
23. What form of tax (tribute) did the Incan subjects have to pay?
24. What were chasquis?
25. Did the Inca develop a writing system?
26. What is a quipu?
27. What was the name of the Incan creator god?
28. What happened to the Incan empire after the death of Huayna Capac in the 1520s?
29. Which son of Huayna Capac eventually ruled all of the Inca empire?