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 In mountainous and hilly regions of the world, to
make use of all available land, crops are grown on
different levels.
 A Native American people who built a notable
civilization in western South America in the fifteenth
and sixteenth centuries. The center of their empire was
in present-day Peru.
 A vast area of grassland and rich soil in south-central
South America. Argentina.
 A stream or river that flows into a larger river
 A continent in the western hemisphere connected to
North America.
 A large system of mountain ranges located along the
Pacific coast of Central and South America
 Dry plateau region found in southern Argentina.
 The movement of people from rural areas into cities
 An ancient Inca fortress city in the Andes northwest of
Cuzco, Peru. Its extensive ruins, including elaborate
terraces, were discovered in 1911
 A Spanish conquistador and explorer. He conquered
the Inca Empire, naming Peru's capital Lima. Helped
discover the Pacific Ocean.
 An Incan ruler who was kidnapped by Pizarro during
his attempt to keep the Spanish from entering his
territory. He offered to fill a room with gold and silver
in exchange for his release. The ransom was accepted,
but the ruler was strangled by the Spanish.
 The capital city of the Incan Empire, Located in
present-day Peru. All the roads in the great Inca road
network led through