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11 Sec. 3 Pgs 127-129
Essential Question
were early civilizations in
North and South America like?
 First
known civilization in Mesoamerica, 1200
 Large
cities centers for religious ceremony,
contained pyramids and carved stone
 Main
St. “Avenue of the Dead,” lined with
temples and palaces, dominated by the
pyramid of the Sun
Olmec Carved Head
 Maya
300-900 AD, central America and Mexico
 Cities
build around the central pyramid, shrine to
 Created
a sophisticated style of writing
 Spaniards
 Mayans
destroyed civilization
recorded history and measured time in
accurate calendars
Mayan Calendar
 Valley
of Mexico, capital city Tenochititlan, ruled
until Spanish conquered
 Believed
in many gods, an unending struggle
between the forces of good and evil.
 These
forces had destroyed the world 4 times
To delay 5th creation, practiced human sacrifice
Aztec Sacrifices
Numbered Heads #1 (Green to Gold)
did Olmec, Maya, and
Aztec Civilizations have in
common and what
distinguished them from one
Inca Government
1300’s Inca was a small community in the mountains of
Pachacuti, the Incan ruler, took control for the entire
Incan empire: From Ecuador to Amazon Basin, 12 million
Built on war, all young men were required to serve in the
Empire divided into 4 quarters
Emperor was at the topm believed to be a direct
descendent of the sun god
Inca Culture
 Built
thousands of miles of roads
 Marriage
and roles of women were highly
 Great
 Had
builders and architectural geniuses
no writing system, kept records with a system
of knotted string, quipu
Numbered Heads #2 (Gold to Green)
was the Incan political
system organized?
#3 Written Summarization
were early civilizations in
North and South America like?
Aztecs: Of Blood and Sacrifice