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2. Instead of using a calculator the Inca used this to keep count of their population
3. Many early civilizations like the Maya and Aztec used a form of symbols and drawings as their form of written
Word Bank for Across Clues:
alliances, aqueducts, conquistadors,
6. This means expending nation and the Aztec were known as this
empire, hieroglyphs, immunities,
8. This means agreement or truce
9. Native American did not have defenses to European diseases, or lack of_______?
10. A wave of Spanish conquerors disrupted the lives of
Native Americans in the 1500s.
11. The Incan people built this combination of tunnel, pipes
and bridges to transport water hundreds of miles away.
1. This is known as a war within a
nation, which helped the Spanish conquer the Incan Empire.
4. Cortez took advantage of local natives to help conquer
the Aztecs
5. The Incans kept excellent population count and records
7. The most common food
among many Native Americans
Word Bank for Down Clues: census,
civil war, exploited, maize
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*Space is used
between a two
word answer
Unit 2 Vocabulary
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