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Questions: 16-3 The Aztecs Control Central Mexico p.400
The Valley of ____________ is the site of three powerful cultures: the ____________, the ____________, and
the ____________.
Teotihuacan were believed to be peaceful and ____________ throughout Mesoamerica. The Toltec worshiped
a _______ god who demand blood and ____________ ____________.
The ____________ moved into the Valley of Mexico and built a city called ____________ at Lake Texcoco.
They adopted and/or adapted much of the culture that they found into their own to create the Aztec civilization.
The Aztecs ____________ an empire that had a population of between 5-15 million people. Their state was
based on ____________ conquest and the ____________ gained from its 38 ____________.
The Aztecs had three social classes: ____________, ____________and ____________.
At the top of the social hierarchy was the ____________. He was not only the ruler who had ____________
power he was also worshiped as a ______.
A large ____________ network was vital to the Aztec Empire. An important part of their agricultural trade
came from ____________, which created fertile farmland in the semi-arid regions.
Aztec engineers built ____________ to connect Tenochitlan, which is on an island, to the mainland. They also
built huge walls, a palace, and a huge pyramid called the ____________ ____________
The Aztec’s most important god was ____________, the sun god, and he required _________ ________ to
live therefore the Aztecs carried out __________ __________on a massive scale. This was one of the main
reasons that they ____________ so many people—they needed sacrificial victims.
As Tenochitlan grew so did the amount of ____________and ____________ victims required from the
____________. Provinces began ____________. Then the ____________ arrived, recalling an old Toltec
myth and began the end of the Aztec Empire.