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The Legend
•The Aztecs moved south until they saw the_________________
__________________________________ c. 1325
•Built _________________ (Mexico City) in the early 1400’s
The Empire
•By 1500, the Aztec empire covered most of present day ________
•The Aztecs ________________ neighboring tribes
•They allowed conquered tribes to retain their own _________ and
•However, they required payment of __________________
•Ruled over ________ million people in _________ city-states
•Farming techniques – _________________
•_________, bridges, _________________
•Trade and markets
•Gold, __________, copper design
•_____________ Stone
Polytheistic Religion
•The Aztecs have ______ gods arranged in ______ of importance
•Quetzalcoatl – god of _________, ___________, and __________
•Huitzilopochtli – ______ and ______ god
•Tezcatlipoca – god of __________ and ____________
•Tlaloc – god of __________
Religious Practices
•_____________________ were performed to please the gods
•Aztec citizens were ______________ to be sacrificed
•___________________ were used for common sacrifices
•Local tribes ____________ the Aztecs