Download CV Joaquim Segalés: Academic degrees: DVM (1991), PhD (1996

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CV Joaquim Segalés:
Academic degrees: DVM (1991), PhD (1996), Dipl. European College of Veterinary
Pathologists (ECVP, 2000) and Dipl. European College of Porcine Health Management
(ECPHM, 2004, founding member)
Current position: Director of theCentre de Recerca en Sanitat Animal (CReSA) and
Associate Professor at the Veterinary School of the UniversitatAutònoma de Barcelona
(main subjects: pathology and swine clinics). Vice-president (for the period 2010-13)
and President (for the period 2013-16) of the ECPHM.
Veterinary service activity: Diagnostician at the Pathology Department of the
Veterinary School of Barcelona since 1996. Responsible for the pathological diagnostic
activity in swine (1996-2012).
Research activity: Involved in research of swine diseases since 1993, mainly infectious
diseases (including infections by porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus
(PRRSV), Aujeszky’s disease virus, porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), swine hepatitis E
virus, swine Torque teno sus viruses (TTSuV), Haemophilus parasuis and Mycoplasma
hyopneumoniae). He has co-authored more than 250 articles in international peerreviewed journals.Co-author of 3 patents (non-licensed) on PCV2 and TTSuV.