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The Wemmershoek Diagnostic Laboratory (Paarl, Western Cape) seeks the service of a veterinary
technologist to perform the following services:
Standard laboratory tests, i.e., handling and processing of haematology samples (full blood
counts, differential counts and blood chemistry), tests on blood/body fluid or organ samples for
the isolation and identification of microorganisms for veterinary purposes, molecular
identification techniques (PCR techniques), serological tests, biochemical analysis, chemical and
biochemical tests to determine the presence of toxins, the identification of internal and
external parasites and the preparation of histological preparations for examination;
Development of specialized molecular tests (PCR techniques, DNA hybridization techniques and
proteomics) as part of routine identification procedures as well as research;
And development and improvement of aquaculture diagnostic techniques.
Experience in haematology;
Experience in bacteriology as well as an understanding of virulence mechanisms of pathogenic
bacteria and other problematic microorganisms encountered in the veterinary field;
Experience in molecular research techniques;
An understanding of and interest in aquatic pathogens (affecting fish and shellfish);
Experience in standard water analysis (water chemistry and microbiology);
The ability to perform laboratory work independently;
Computer literacy with Microsoft Excel, Word and Access;
Management skills.
Preference will be given to a candidate who is registered or eligible for registration with the South
African Veterinary Council (SAVC).
CV, proof of qualifications and proof of registration with the SAVC must be forwarded to the
Wemmershoek Diagnostic Laboratory no later than 29 February 2016.
For further information, please contact Dr. Leonard Flemming at: (Tel) 021 867 0700 (Option 2 for the
lab); (Fax) 021 867 0705; (e-mail) [email protected].