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Veterinary Clinics
Kelly Bunn
Veterinary Clinic Facts
o Veterinary Technologists need a 4-year bachelor’s degree
o Veterinary Technicians need a 2-year associate’s degree
o Technologists and Technicians need to take an exam, and become registered or licensed.
o Both can specialize in a particular discipline.
o Vet techs normally get paid $31,070 per year and $14.95 an hour
 Observe behavior and condition of
 Bath animals, clip nails or claws and brush
or cut animals’ hair
 Restrain animals during exams or
 Prepare animals and instruments for
 Collect and record patients’ case
 Administer medications, vaccines and
treatments prescribed by a veterinarian
 Administer anesthesia to animals
 Collect laboratory tests
 Blood
 Urine
 Tissue for testing
 Dentistry
 Anesthesia
 Emergency and Critical Care
 Radiology
 Zoological Medicine
Proper Communication with Clients
 When explaining the patients care and treatment, avoid confusing language.
 Describe the situation so the client can relate.
 Show empathy for their distress.
 Team members should be able to read body language, and act appropriately.
 Always show compassion and understanding.
 If needed, have a team member stay with the client until they gain composure.
Proper Communication with Clients
 Some clients will be more emotional and want physical contact
 Some clients will be more controlled and want verbal reassurance
 Let the client know how long tests will take
 Ask open ended questions which requires the client to tell a story
 Make a quiet place for the client to say goodbye (If necessary)
 Make sure to use appropriate language when talking to a client; Use words they will
 For example, instead of saying animal, say patient or nipple vs. tit or boob.
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