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Beaver Chip #15 – Veterinary Clinic Tour
The Ontario Veterinary College (of University of Guelph) Smith
Lane Animal Hospital as part of its community connections
efforts provides in-depth tours of their centre. Staff and
student veterinarians will share more about veterinary
medicine, responsible pet ownership and a behind the scenes
look at small animal veterinary medicine (operating rooms, rehab
centre and examination rooms). A stuffie check-up can be part
of the experience and the Beavers come away with a treatment
plan for the care of their stuffie friend.
The clinic closes at 7pm and 1 hour tours can be arranged from 6-7pm most evenings. April and May
are busy months due to heartworm screening and treatment, and generally tours cannot be
scheduled for these months. Animals are not normally encountered on the tour but cat and dog
dander allergies can be an issue to be aware of.
For more information or to request a tour, go to
Please note the facility is also known as the Hill’s Pet Nutrition Primary Healthcare Centre
Another thing you can do is to contact your local Veterinary Hospital, most can have a similar