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The Veterinary Dermatology service at Veterinary Specialists of Alaska, P.C. provides care for
all species of animals with skin and ear problems. Veterinary dermatologists handle cases that
our human counterparts would see as well as cases seen by human allergists. Probably 80% of
the cases we see are allergy related, the other 20% include internal diseases that cause skin
problems (hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, sex hormone imbalances and
immunosuppressive disorders, autoimmune skin diseases), as well as hereditary skin problems
and parasites. We offer allergy testing and treatment and have specialized equipment for
assessing and treating severe ear infections. Skin biopsies are often performed when a
hereditary or autoimmune disease is suspected and we work closely with dermatopathologists
(pathologists who special in skin disease) to diagnose and treat those diseases correctly.