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World History Exam Review Sheet
Use all information available to you, notes, textbook, quizzes, and tests to identify or define the
following terms and phrases.
Thutmose III- Warrior pharaoh extended control to Syria & Palestine which increased the
size of the empire
Tutankhamen-young pharaoh took throne after Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV)
Akhenaton – aka Amenhotep IV changed religion to monotheism major god Aton, tried to
est new religion
Isis- wife of Osiris
Narmer- King of upper and lower Egypt
Hatshepsut-1st woman pharaoh, extended trade to Punt
Aton- god worshiped by Akhenaton
Basin-bowl shaped hole
Ahmose-Egyptian prince who over threw the Hyksos
Incense- burned for pleasant smell
Pyramid means- “House of eternity”
Cataract- water fall
Delta- fan shaped area of fertile land
Flooding-overflowing of river banks
Hapi-god of Nile River
Pharaoh means-“Great House”
Shadoof-machine used to lift water out of the Nile
Chariot-used to cross the dessert to conquer Hyksos
Amenhotep IV- Akhenaton, pharaoh who changed religion to monotheism to worship god
Hyksos- took over Egypt using Horse drawn chariot and iron weapons, ruled for 150 yrs.
Embalming- preserving the bodies of the dead
Middle Kingdom-ended when Ahmose over threw the Hyksos
Hieroglyphs- picture writing used for sounds and symbols
671 BC- Assyrians conquer Egypt
Amon-Re- god of the New Kingdom
Book of the Dead- magic spells learned to get to the underworld
Prehistory-time before writing was invented
Band-small group
Population-number of people
Migrate-to make ones way
Paleolithic Age is also called- Old Stone Age
Neolithic Age is also called the New Stone Age
Domesticated- tamed
Cardinal directions- north south east west
Homo sapiens means-“man who thinks”
Plow- invented by Sumerians increased food supply
Hereditary-passed down from parent to child
Reform- change
Culture-way of life
Empire-group of states under one rule
Reign- period of power
Artisan-skilled worker
Ziggurat- Sumerian temple
City-state- city and its surrounding farmland
Cuneiform- wedge shaped writing invented by Sumerians
What area is known as “the cradle of civilization?” Mesopotamia
Who invented the wheel? Sumerians
The Sumerians were the first people to write these laws.
What crops did early Egyptian farmers grow? Flax, wheat, barley, and grapes
Where did most Ancient Egyptians live? On large estates
What did Egyptians think the pharaoh was responsible for? Building granaries, repairing
irrigation systems, and preforming religious ceremonies correctly
Where does the Nile River empty into? Mediterranean Sea
What were all of the names of Narmer? Wearer of both crowns, lord of 2 lands, Menes
When did Narmer conquer Lower Egypt? 3100BC
Who is the god of harvest and the underworld? Osiris
What did the Egyptians give up in the Middle Kingdom? Building pyramids
Where was the capital of the New Kingdom? Thebes
How many days did each season of the Egyptian calendar have? 120 days 5 feast days
What did the Hyksos use to invade Egypt? Horse drawn chariots and iron weapons
The period after Ahmose drove out the Hyksos was known as the New Kingdom.
What were the Egyptians specialize in? Math and Medicine
The area where the Nile River flows into the Mediterranean Sea was originally known as? Lower
How long did the Hyksos rule Egypt? 150 yrs.
What was papyrus made from? Reeds
Why were most of the pyramids built during the Old Kingdom? To honor the pharaoh and
protect his body after death
What was the Egyptian number system based on? 10
What were pyramids designed for? Protect pharaoh’s body from floods, robbers, animals
What was the delta area, where the Nile empties into the Mediterranean Sea known as? Lower
What two main contributions are the Egyptians known for? Math and medicine