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Video On Demand
• Video on Demand is damaging to those who
would normally go into DVD rental shop.
• The average time spent browsing in a video
shop used to be 23 minutes. This time has
been seriously diminished by video on
The most radical change in Marketing?
• The most radical change is social media.
• Traditional methods of marketing are failing in
some instances.
• Why would this be? Name 3 possible issues?
Theatre Release
• Why do you think that films are generally first
released on a Friday?
• Marketing is an organisational function and a
set of processes designed to communicate
and deliver value to customers and to manage
customers relationships in ways that benefit
the organisers and stakeholders
• Film marketing starts at the new production
development stage and continues throughout
production and into distribution and
Pre-Production Production
Rights acquisition
Cast & Crew
Script development selection
Green lighting
Post Production Distribution & Advertising
Editing Picture
Editing sound track Distribution
DVD, BluRay
TV (free &
• Developing and positioning the new product
in the appropriate market.
• Understanding the competition
Concept testing- can included title testing
Positioning Studies- analyses the various marketing assets
of the film.
Focus Group Tests- a group of people are asked questions,
opinions, attitudes towards the film idea.
Test Screenings- a preview to gauge audience reactions
using a cross section of the population.
Tracking Surveys
Advertising Testing – measures an ads effectiveness based
on consumer responses feedback and behaviour.
Post Testing- track changes over time to determine the
success of the advertising.
7 types of research
• Most films are released through what is
known as the window system.
• In this system, films are first given a theatrical
release and after a certain period of time are
made available on DVD or Blu-Ray.
• Each window is protected from possible
cannibalisation by alternative release formats.
• Following with the contractually agreed period
then free to view and pay per view TV.
Conventional film marketing techniques are:
Electronic Press Kits and Stills
• Websites that allow visitors to view scenes,
interviews and in-the-making documentary style
shorts, play games, chat in forums, etc.
• Movie makers attempt to get positive press in
newspapers, magazines and on entertainment TV
shows. (
• A press junket – journalists and entertainment
reporters, reviewers are flown out to a special
location for a day or weekend of interviews with
the stars and directors and the reporters ask their
• Publicity Blitz – when the marketers bombard the
public with posters, promos and ads , bus
billboards, road billboards, teaser trailers on TV,
main actors show up on major talk shows etc.
• Internet blitz of bloopers, behind the scenes clips
and other viral videos – YouTube.
• Corporate and product tie-ins – Before the
release of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas the
Grinch was on the packages of Oreo cookies.
• Publicity Stunt – an orchestrated media event
where someone does something incredibly
silly, dangerous or spectacular to draw further
attention to the opening of a film.
• Although the American movie industry take in billions of dollars a
year, very few Hollywood movies actually make a profit.
• It costs a tremendous amount to make a major studio movie.
• The average production budget of a major movie reached $70.8
million in 2007, but to sell that movie to the public, studios spent
another $35.9 on marketing for a total budget of $106.6 million per
• Hollywood relies on a few hits each season to make up for the
majority of films that fail to break even.
• The uncertainty of the movie business makes the job of the movie
marketer even more important. Whether a movie is Oscar worthy
or downright lousy, the movie marketer has to figure out a way to
fill those seats at the multiplex.
• IF you want to promote your film the key
people to be in touch with are:
Sales Agent
• Film Festivals are established venues usually organised
around screenings & prizes dedicated to introducing
films of certain styles to paying audiences.
• You must apply to film festivals and not every film is
• Also film distributors are at the festivals and
filmmakers take the opportunity to invite distributors
to screenings with hopes that they can sell their films.
• Entrants and winners in film festivals use
their involvement in their marketing material.
TASK: Make a list of the most common and illustrious
international film festivals
• Some filmmakers are finding creative ways to
distribute their films, through the internet.
• Your Task is to find definitions for the
• Streaming:
• P2P or Peer to Peer
• On Demand:
• Download:
• Video hosting/Sharing Service:
• Traditional Advertising failing.
• Now you come up with 3 other possible
• Why do you think that movies are generally
released on Fridays?
• I will provide the first one:
• Increased focus on the packaging and
marketing of films. Why do you think this is?
• Now list 3 other trends that have been
necessitated because of technology or society.
• Know your target audience
• Know who will support your marketing
• Know which countries/distributors will be