Download Digital Photography I 6064 Level 4.0 6 periods – 1 credit

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Digital Photography I
Level 4.0
6 periods – 1 credit
This black and white photography course teaches students how to use a 35 mm film or
digital single-lens reflex camera and how to take successful photographs. This course
uses a digital darkroom (i.e. computers) instead of the traditional wet-darkroom. Students
learn to use film and flat-bed scanners along with Adobe Photoshop to edit and print
Students study the elements of art and principles of design as they develop their technical
and compositional skills. Students study historical and contemporary photography using
the process of art criticism.
1. Complete a photo contract obtained from either the art department or guidance
2. Return the completed photo contract stapled to the course selection card
3. A 35 mm digital or film single-lens reflex camera with an in-lens light meter and
manual control of aperture, shutter speed and focus is required. (No point-andshoot cameras)
4. A $30 studio fee is required to offset the cost of paper and chemicals.
5. Students are required to purchase film.