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Film Production Hierarchy: 2016 Oscar Nominees
Makeup & Hairstyling: “The Revenant”
What everyday items did the makeup artist use to simulate scabs and wounds?
Film Editing: “The Big Short”
Watch the trailer for this movie. What devices did the film editor use and what kind
of atmosphere did these techniques create?
Director: “Room”
What two factors does the director describe as making this film the hardest one he has ever
Costume Design: “The Danish Girl”
How does the costume designer for this film describe his job?
Cinematography: “Mad Max – Fury Road” john seale captures mad max - fury road
How does the cinematographer describe what the crew needs to do when filming digitally in
deserts, jungles and severe conditions like rain, moisture and extreme heat?
Best Actor: “The Martian”
How does Matt Damon describe a trick the director used to get him to feel a powerful
emotional response at the end of the film?
Music: “The Hateful Eight”
How does the composer of the soundtrack for this movie describe why he chose everyday
sounds over using a full orchestra for this film?
Sound Editing: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
How did the sound editor for this film put together an “audio dream team?”
Original Screenplay: “Bridge of Spies”
How did the screenwriter explain what captured his interest about the story enough to write a
great screenplay?
Visual Effects: “Ex Machina”
What did the visual effects team have to do in order to make the movie believable?