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The Structure of Flow~rs
. all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors
Flowers come in
all flowers have the '
d •t their differences,
But, . esp1 e
d tion A flower is the reproductiv
funct1on-repro uc
• sperm Figure 21 sh ows th e parts of e
structure of an ang1o
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As you read about the parts, eep in mind
typ1ca ower.
f h
that some flowers lack one or more
t e p~rts. For
example, some flowers have only male reprn ductive parts,
and some flowers lack petals.
Sepals and Petals When a flower is still a bud, it is
enclosed by leaflike structures called sepals (SEE pulz).
Sepals protect the developing flower and are often green
in color. When the sepals fold back, they reveal the
flower's colorful, leaflike petals. The petals are generally
the most colorful parts of a flower. The shape, size, and
number of petals vary greatly from flower to flower.
Stamens Within the petals are the flower's male and
female reproductive parts. The stamens (STAY munz) are
the male reproductive parts. Locate the stamens inside
the flower in Figure 21. The thin stalk of the stamen is
called the filament. Pollen is produced in the anther, at
the top of the filament.
iJ=-- - ·--
The Structure of a Flower
s bot h
Like most flowers, this lily contain
male and fem ale reproductive stru
Stamens are the
male rep rod ucti ve
parts of a flow er.
Pollen is pro duc ed
in the anther, at
the top of the
stalklike fila me nt.
Pistils are the fem ale rep rod ucti ve
of a
, parts of a flow er. A pistil consists
sticky stigma, a slender tub e called
style, and a hol low stru
the ovary, at the base.
Ant her
Sepals are the small,
leaf like par ts of a flow er.
The sepals pro tec t the
dev elop ing flow er.
Petals are usually the
mo st colo rful par ts of
a flow er. Pol lina tors
are attr acte d by the
petals' colors and scent.
Go (l nline
(PIS tulz), are found in the
Pistils The female parts, or pistils
have two or more
center of mo st flowers. Some flowers
of the pistil is called the
others have onl y one. Th e sticky tip
connects the stigma to
stigma. A slender tub e, called a style,
the flower. This hollow
a hollow stru ctu re at the base of
the seeds as they develop.
structure is the ovary, which protects
An ovary contains one or mo re ovules.
of mo st petals and the
Pollinators Th e colors and shapes
act insects and oth er aniscents pro duc ed by mo st flowers attr
lination occurs. Pollinamals. These org ani sm s ensure tha t pol
h as bees and flies. Th e
tors include birds, bats, and insects suc
inning of the section is
rafflesia flower you rea d abo ut at the beg
ed by the strong smell of
pollinated by flies. Th e flies are attract
rotting meat.
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