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Sample High School Questions
1. This connective tissue protein is the structural component of bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin.
The tanning process preserves this protein in animal skins to form leather. Identify the protein that
forms gelatin when boiled.
COLLAGEN [kol-uh-juhn]
2. This agranular leukocyte [loo-kuh-sit] matures in the thymus [thahy-muhs] and may be further
classified as either cytotoxic [sahy-tuh-tok-sik] or helper varieties. Identify the type of white blood cell
that typically targets virally infected or cancerous cells.
3. This division of plants shows alternation of generations where the dominant photosynthetic phase
consists of the gametophyte [guh-mee-tuh-fahyt]. These are the simplest of terrestrial plants, lacking
complex tissue organization. Identify the nonvascular plant division that consists of hornworts,
liverworts, and mosses.
BRYOPHYTA [bry-o-phy-tuh]
4. These non-flowering, vascular plants make up the division Filicophyta [fil-i-co-phy-tuh]. Gameotphytes
[guh-mee-tuh-fahyts] of this plant are commonly referred to as prothallia/ [proh-thal-ee-uh]. Identify
the type of plant whose young leaves unroll from a crosier [kroh-zher], or fiddlehead.
5. These flower structures, along with the petals, make up the perianth [per-ee-anth], or floral envelope.
These structures are usually greenish and resemble reduced leaves. Identify the flower structures
collectively known as the calyx [kal-iks].
SEPAL(S) [see-puhl]
6. The size and shape of this flower structure results in flowers being classified as either actinomorphic
[ak-tin-oh-mawr-fik] or zygomorphic [zahy-guh-mawr-fik]. The parts of this structure may be separate
or marginally fused together. Identify the flower structure that is composed of the petals.
COROLLA [kuh-rol-uh]
7. This class of soft, slimy fish have elongated bodies to aid in their burrowing habit. Identify the class of
jawless fish which contains lampreys and hagfish.
AGNATHA [ag-nuh-thuh]
8. In this field of modern chemistry, scientists maneuver atoms one by one using scanning tunneling
microscopes. One goal of this field is to build circuits by lining up individual atoms for quantum
computers. Identify this field that focuses on the manipulation and manufacture of materials and
devices on the atomic scale.
9. This molecule was first discovered by Richard Smalley, Robert Curl, and Harold Kroto. This
fundamental new form of carbon consists of 60 carbon atoms. Identify this truncated icosahedrons
that is named for the creator of the geodesic dome.