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We love these unusual, fragrant blossoms!
Hymenocallis festalis
 Use: Also known as Basket lily, Ismene, Peruvian daffodil, Sea daffodil and
Summer daffodil. With the center part of the flower resembling the cup or
corona and six petals surrounding it, this flower looks very much like a daffodil blooming in the summer on leafless stalks! Grown for its unique sculptural quality that it brings to the outdoor or container garden, as well as its
marvelous fragrance, this 18"-24" flower, is native to the Americas. Some
species occur naturally in grasslands and rocky habitats and others in sub
tropical marshy areas. This pest-proof bulb is great for the Evening Garden.
 Exposure/Soil: Prefers full–part sun. Will tolerate shade, but blooms less.
It's fairly drought tolerant and needs little water.
 Growth: Grows 2’ tall and 18”wide.
 Hardiness: 7-9; Perennial. Mulch around the plant in winter.
 Foliage: Deciduous. Long strap like leaves.
 Flower: The large pure white, ivory or yellow flowers of the Peruvian daffodils are noteworthy both for their intricate design and fragrance. These
strongly scented 4-inch flowers are borne atop 2-foot, leafless flower stalks
in midsummer. Each stem may hold 2 to 5 flowers, which are white with
green stripes and lovely spiralling, recurved petals around a central cone.
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