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Plant Lab
March 2013
Draw and label the parts of the flower you dissect. Include the role of the parts.
Draw and label the parts of the cone. Include the role of the parts. (use a cone photo from the internet or a
book, if one is not available)
Draw and label the parts of the fruit. Include the role of the parts.
As you dissect the stem what can you tell about the vasculature of this part? Can you see the xylem? The
phloem? What does each do?
How many stamens does your flower have?
How many pistils or carpals does your flower have?
Cut through the ovary and observe the inside and draw and label. Include the role of the parts.
Is the top of the stigma sticky?
Explain how angiosperm seeds have an advantage over the cone method for spreading genetic material.
Explain how flowers help in the spreading of genetic material.
Explain how fruits help in the spreading of genetic material.
There are 2 subclasses of angiosperms.
Have flowers with petals in numbers of three
Have one seed leaf or cotyledon-the first leaf to appear after the seed sprouts.
Have flowers with petals in the numbers four or five
Have two seed leaves or cotyledons.
What are astrolomeria in this system?
What are daffodils violets in this system?
Identify and draw the male and female cones?
What plant phylum does the cone bearing plants belong to and what do the flowering plants belong to?
Where does the water in a plant that is taken in via the roots go?
Compare and contrast the dispersal of seeds of cones and of fruits.
Compare and contrast the fertilization process of cones and flowers.
What is the main function of each of these parts in a typical plant?