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Title: Raman spectroscopy studies of spin-waves in hexagonal manganites
Xiang-Bai Chen
“Chutian Scholar” Distinguished Professor
School of Science and Laboratory of Optical Information Technology
Wuhan Institute of Technology
Wuhan 430205, China
Email: [email protected]
Spin-waves are intriguing to the development of next generation Nano-devices
because spin-wave devices operate at a much shorter wavelength than conventional
optical devices, and they are compatible with conventional electronic devices.
Usually Raman spectroscopy studies of spin-waves are difficult due to weak signal of
spin-wave scattering. In this talk, we present systematic Raman studies of spin-waves
in hexagonal manganites. We will discuss the techniques how to clearly observe
spin-waves by Raman spectroscopy, and how to manipulate the intensity and
frequency of spin-waves. Furthermore, through the understanding of spin-waves,
Raman spectroscopy studies of spin-ordering, spin-exchange integral, and
spin-flipping are discussed.