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Construction of Confocal Raman
Microspectrometer and Examination
of Possible Modifications for the
Detection of Bacteria in vivo
Shannon Harrison
Megan McInerney
Advisor: Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
Project Description
• Immediate Goals:
– Construct Confocal Raman Microspectometer similar to
one designed by G.J. Puppels
– Propose design modification for use on living subjects
– Create spreadsheet incorporating spectral data
– Design molecular bond database
• Ultimate Desire: Construct a probe utilizing
confocal Raman microspectroscopy that will
accurately detect and identify bacteria present in
middle ear causing infection
Motivation and Benefits
• Eliminate “troubleshooting” approach to
treating middle ear infections
• Construct a confocal Raman system that can
be used for in vivo analysis
• Reduce cost of health care
• Proposed probe design more sterile, less
expensive and quicker than swab analysis
Raman Spectroscopy
• What
• Why
– Advantages
– Disadvantages
• How
System Requirements
• Short integration time
• Input spectral data
• Analyze the spectra by matching the peaks
to a database of standards
• Output responsible bacteria
• Portable
Confocal Raman
Design Flowchart
Apparatus Modifications
• Using fiber optic cables, construct probe
including the objective and bandpass filters
• Align and fix optical components to make
apparatus portable
Data Analysis
• Understand the basis of Raman Spectroscopy
• Compile a list of common spectral peaks
• Create a temporary spreadsheet containing the bond and
Raman shift
• Become familiar with Matlab
• Design a program that will input sample spectra and
identify the bonds by matching peaks
• Use the probe to determine spectra for bacteria causing
Otitis Media
• Integrate the above spectra into the database program
• Test the program for recognition of the bacterial spectra
Database Flow Chart
Example Spectrum
Raman Spectroscopic
Safety Precautions
• Environment
• Thermal tissue damage
– standard regulation
• Maintaining sterile techniques
• Accuracy
Preliminary Conclusions
• Construction, alignment, and preliminary
testing feasible by end of semester
• Probe designed by end of semester
• We suggest that this project is continued
next semester by BME 272/273 students to
complete construction and testing of probe
as well as implement molecular bond
• Http://
• Http://
• Customer service personnel
– MSDSpro
– Nousoft
– Ovid
• Pedro Pedroso
• Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
• Introductory Raman
Spectroscopy, Ferraro
• Raman Spectroscopy, Long,
• Raman Spectroscopy for the
Detection of Cancers and
Precancers, Mahadevan-Jansen,
• Confocal Raman Spectroscopy,
Puppels, G.J.