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Building Blocks of Life.
Electra Vector System™
Simple, IP-Free, scarless cloning.
DNA2.0 has developed a simple one-tube universal cloning
process that can be performed in a 5 minute bench-top
reaction with the fidelity of a restriction based cloning
system. A collection of IP-Free© bacterial, mammalian and
yeast DAUGHTER expression vectors have been constructed
to function as Electra vectors.
DNA2.0 can “Electra-fy”
almost any cloning or expression vector to function in the
Electra System.
Easy – 1 tube, 5 minute reaction
Universal – any ORF cloned into any Electra vector.
Quickly move ORFs from MOTHER vector to multiple
DAUGHTER vectors
Scarless – Always in frame with no nucleotide scars
IP-Free – No license, no royalty share, no restrictions
Choice – Large selection of vectors for multiple hosts
with fusions, bicistronic expression, promoters, RBSs,
and more
Convenience – Clone your genes using the Electra
Cloning kit, or have DNA2.0 do the work for you
Figure 1. Single tube digestion and ligation reaction using
the Electra System. The MOTHER vector, carrying the gene
of interest, is mixed with linearized DAUGHTER vector in the
presence of Electra Reagent Mix. The reaction is incubated for 5
minutes at room temperature, transformed into E. coli and plated
Learn more at:
on LB/agar plates with antibiotic.
Building Blocks of Life.
Reaction Time
 15 min
1 - 16 hours
 5 min
ORF into multiple
 Yes
 Yes
Cloning Ends
 Scarless
 Scarless
 IP-Free
PCR Products
Clean-up required
Clean-up required
 Yes,
 Yes
 Yes
Clean-up NOT required
Gibson Assembly® is a registered trademark of Synthetic Genomics, Inc.;
Gateway® is a registered trademark of Invitrogen, Inc..
Figure 2. Efficient transfer of your ORF into several host
expression systems using the Electra System. An ORF
of interest (Gene A) can be easily transferred from the
MOTHER vector (pMOTHER) into a range of DAUGHTER
vectors (pDAUGHTERs). DAUGHTER vectors offer a
variety of resistance markers, promoters and C- and
N-terminal tags and/or fusions.
The Electra Vector system enables quick and efficient transfers of genes into any DAUGHTER vector(s), either from a
MOTHER vector or directly from a PCR reaction. This facilitates convenient testing of expression system parameters
and enables rapid optimization of genetic constructs. Unlike alternative systems, there are no intellectual property
entanglements, no unwanted mutations from error-prone polymerases, and no sequence scars to affect expression and
Your time is valuable, spend it on research.
Consult with an Expression Specialist today to discover how DNA2.0 technology will advance your research.
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