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AfriClear Limited is the appointed Clearing Agency of Trop-X, the new Seychelles Securities Exchange.
AfriClear provides clearing and settlement services for listed securities (equity, debt and derivatives) to
Trop-X (the new Seychelles Securities Exchange) with plans to expand to other group exchanges
throughout Africa in the future.
The ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:
 Bachelor degree in Business/ Business Administration/ Information Systems/ Accountancy /
 Meticulous, independent and possesses high level of initiative
 Team player with ability to work independently when required
 Strong problem-solving, analytical and communication skills
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills
 Self-motivated individual
 Experience running operations team (particularly financial services related)
 Understanding of compliance requirements and regulations within banking and securities
processing including settlement, back office functions; understanding payment and treasury
systems is mandatory
 Experience in implementing change programmes and driving new initiatives within the
As the Head of Operations, you will play a key role in ensuring smooth and expeditious clearing and
settlement of the securities market while maintaining a high standard service level to market
participants. Your responsibilities include:
managing the clearing and settlement staff
assisting with development and refinement of internal processes
oversee smooth day-to-day processing of daily securities and money settlement operations
initiate and execute timely and accurate buying-in for failed trade settlements
lead system/product implementation projects, including user requirements specification, rules
review and applications systems testing
oversee on-boarding of new members
formulating new processes to support implementation of new products/initiatives
implement and maintain high standards of risks and controls
facilitate and oversee implementation in improvements to operational efficiency and