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Maui is a beautiful island and a main tourist
However, it is losing its rich marine life due to
pollution, ocean acidification, marine debris,
and land loss.
Pollution in Maui
Cane burning by Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar, which
operates three coal-fired burners and causes air pollution
and falling ash, throughout the island.
Sugar cane needs to be dried then burned to make the
sugar in the processing plant.
The burning is currently causing loss of topsoil,
endangering coral reefs due to settling soil dust in the
Ocean acidification
Ocean acidification is when there is excessive
CO2 being released into the atmosphere and
touches the ocean, mixing with the water and
making the water acidic.
CO2 + H2O = H2CO3
Acidic water is bad for marine life!
Marine Debris Issues
“Changing Tides: Our Lives, Our Future”
A short documentary about marine debris issues in
the Pacific, how they are affecting the Hawaiian
Islands, and what the people of Hawaii are doing to
address them
Presented by the Sustainable Living Institute of
Maui, Positive H20, and Surfrider Foundation
“Changing Tides” Movie Trailer
Marine Life Affected
For example
Common name: Green Sea Turtle
Was fished nearly to extinction in the 1960’s
Listed as threatened under the Endangered
Species Act in 1978
Conservation Efforts
Taro farming
Marine debris collections
Dolphin research
Honu (sea turtle) watch
How Kaknab Plans to Help
We will be going to Maui, Hawaii this coming
summer 2014 to do conservation work for the
Hawaii Wildlife Fund.
We will work with the Hawaiian Kupuna and the
Hawaii Wildlife Fund to restore Native Hawaiian
lands to protect the coral reefs and the marine
Protecting Our Ocean, Protecting Our Culture