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Lab Biology
Chapter 16
The Evolution of Populations and Speciation
How does the distribution of traits in a population look when displayed as a graph?
What is meant by the term human gene pool?
Fifty percent of an experimental population of four o’clock flowers are red flowered
plants, and 50 percent are white flowered plants. What is the frequency of the r
How is phenotype frequency computed?
What is genetic equilibrium?
Is it easier to analyze genotype by observing phenotype in organisms with complete
dominance or in organisms with incomplete dominance?
What is a genetic drift?
Explain how mutations and immigration disrupt genetic equilibrium?
Compare and contrast stabilizing, directional, and disruptive selection.
10. What is sexual selection?
11. Name the five violations of the conditions necessary for Hardy Weinberg genetic
equilibrium that can cause evolution to occur
12. Human newborns with either a very high or a very low birth weight are more likely
to die in infancy. What type of selection does this seem to be?
13. How can geographic isolation lead to speciation?
14. What is the hypothesis of punctuated equilibrium?
15. What effect would a very short generation time, such as that of bacteria, have on