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Science Open-Ended Questions
Unit Name
Lab Physics
When cooking popcorn, both temperature and heat play an important role.
 What is the difference between temperature and heat?
 Discuss a scenario in which you experienced a temperature change, and relate it to heat.
Kinetic energy is related to heat and temperature and the movement of molecules.
 How does heat transfer occur?
 Give two examples of heat transferred that you noticed in the past week. Explain.
Temperature can be measured in various units with a thermometer.
 What are three units used when measuring temperature. How are they converted
among each other and which is used most often and why?
 If you were to design a thermometer, which unit would you prefer to use and why?
When cooking popcorn, sometimes you find that most of the kernels do not pop.
 What might be the reason that the kernels did not pop?
 What could you try to do to try to make more of the kernels pop?
Convection and radiation are other mechanisms of transferring energy.
 Define convection and radiation.
 Discuss a scenario where you witness energy being transferred by convection and
Specific heat capacity of a substance is defined as the energy required to change the
temperature of 1 kg of a substance by 1⁰C.
 Explain why it takes longer for salt water to boil than freshwater?
 Would you rather have a ring made of gold or silver? Explain your reasoning using the
concept of specific heat.