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Chapter 16
section 2
By: Jon Cleveland, Emily Rowe &
Lauren Jones
Key Terms
Thermal Energy
The energy of motion in the molecules of a
The average amount of energy of
motion in the molecules of a
an instrument for measuring temperature, often a
sealed glass tube that contains a column of
liquid, as mercury, that expands and contracts, or
rises and falls, with temperature changes, the
temperature being read where the top of the
column coincides with a calibrated scale marked
on the tube or its frame.
Heat- the energy transferred
from a hotter object to a
cooler one.
The transfer of heat by
from one substance to
another by direct
contact of particles of
The transfer of heat by
movements of a fluid.
Heat Transfer
Heat is transferred in three different ways, radiation,
conduction, and convection . Radiation is the direct
transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves. For
example the heat you feel from the sun or a campfire
travels directly to you as infrared radiation. Conduction is
the direct transfer of heat from one substance to another
substance that’s touching. For example when you walk
on hot sand it transfers to your feet. Convection is the
transfer of heat by the movement of a fluid. For example
air from the furnace carries heat to your boots.
The End