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Dr. Dietrich W. Kuhlmann
[email protected]
Syllabus Sta119
Probability and Statistics
Spring 2007
The book for this course is a set of books prepared by me. The topics covered in the course are the same
topics covered in the traditional text used for this type of course. The books include all of the homework
assignments for the course. There is an additional book that covers the computer statistical package
Minitab. This book also contains homework assignments.
Topics Part 1: Probability
 Data – mean, standard deviation, dotplot, histogram, boxplot
 Sets – sample space, unions, intersections, complements
 Probability – rules, equally likely outcomes, relative frequency, conditional probability,
independence, reliability of parallel components
 Random Variables – probability mass function, Cumulative Distribution Function, expected value
 Discrete Random Variables – Binomial, Poisson
 Continuous Random Variables – exponential, standard normal, other normal distributions
Topics Part 2: Statistics
The distribution of the sample mean X and the sample standard deviation
Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests – population mean, population proportion, population
standard deviation, difference between two means, difference between two proportions, comparing
two variances
(Advanced Topics) Chi-square test for independence and goodness of fit and Analysis of Variance
Attendance: Your presence is expected at each lecture. There are blank spaces in the notes that will be
filled in during class. Homework will be collected and quizzes will be given during lectures to help you in
your decision to attend class. If you are not in class when quizzes or tests are returned, points will be
deducted from the unreturned items. I will try to post several HW assignments on UB Learns.
Grading: Your grade will be determined by points earned on the items below.
Homework: Up to 5 @ 5 points each
Minitab Assignments: 5 @ 5 points each
Minitab Project:
Quizzes: Up to 5 @ 10 points each (drop 1)
2 In Class Exams: 100 point each
Final Exam: (Below 50% on final = F in course)
Office Hours: I will be available about 15 minutes before and after each class. Sometimes this requires
getting help in the hall near the room (or in the room if possible). Usually TA’s also have office hours.
There are a total of 12 recitation sections for Sta119. You should regularly attend your section, as this is
where you will see most of the homework problems worked. If you feel that you need extra help, feel free
to attend additional recitation sections. I will work some homework problems in the lecture, but will not
have time to work them all. In general, quizzes will be announced one class in advance.
When you send me an e-mail, you must include your class number and name so that I know who you are. I
will try to respond to all non-stupid e-mails.