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Science 9 Course Outline 2011-2012
Teacher: Kora Lee Gallant
Email: [email protected]
Course Overview
Grade 9 Science covers 4 areas of Science; Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Astronomy. The
following topics will be covered:
Atoms and Elements
 Lab Safety Rules (poster) and WHMIS Symbols
 Qualitative and Quantitative Properties
 Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes
 Compounds and Elements
 Inferring Symbols for Elements
 Interpreting Chemical Formulas
 Meet the Modern Periodic Table
 Atomic Models
 Chemical Bonding
Characteristics of Electricity
 Static Electricity
 Current Electricity
 Parallel and Series Circuit
 Cell Theory, History and Review Parts of the Cell
 Mitosis
 The Cell Cycle in your body, regeneration, aging
 Asexual Reproduction and Sexual Reproduction
 Meiosis
 Variation
 Biotechnology + the History of Genetic Research
Space Exploration
 Beginning of the Solar System
 Composition and characteristics of the Solar System and Universe
Assessment and Evaluation
During each term, students will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding of the
curriculum outcomes through unit tests, quizzes, assignments, projects and labs. Each outcome
will be marked on a scale of 1 – 4.
 4– Excellent understanding of the outcome
 3 – Good understanding of the outcome
 2 – Initial understanding of the outcome
 1 – Little to no understanding of the outcome.
In Grade 9 Students are given a percentage mark at the end of each term.
Tests and Quizzes
Unit tests will take place at the end of each unit. Quizzes, projects, assignments and labs will
take place periodically throughout each unit. These assignments should help students assess their
understanding of the material before the end of unit test.
Extra Help
Extra help is available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at noon hour (12:00 – 12:20) when
requested by the student.