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World History Syllabus
Mr. Costa
Room B219
Text Book: World History: Connections to today.
Course Description
This course will follow the history of western civilization from the innovations of Early
and Classical Civilizations to the early 20th century. Students will be exposed to a variety
of lessons that discuss the innovations and contributions of each culture in areas such as:
art, literature, politics, philosophy, economics, culture, religion, geography, and conflict.
In addition, this course heavily emphasizes the five Standards of Historical Thinking:
Chronological Thinking, Historical Comprehension, Historical Analysis and
Interpretation, Historical Research Capabilities, and Historical Issues-Analysis and
Course of Study
1. Contributions and Innovations of the Ancient and Classical Cultures
2. Renaissance and Reformation
3. Absolutist Age
4. Enlightenment and the Age of Reason
5. French Revolution
6. Industrial Revolution
7. Victorian Age
8. Nationalism in Europe
9. World War I
10. Between the Wars/World War II-Cold War
In this course student will be expected to:
1. Prepare, using class materials (notes and handouts), for tests and quizzes.
2. Keep and orderly notebook and assignment folder (a 3- ring binder is not required
but could be useful for organization purposes).
3. Demonstrate basic research skills and participate in projects.
4. Write in a variety of ways to demonstrate mastery of course content.
5. Complete daily homework assignments and projects on time and in a quality
manor. Late homework or projects lose points.
6. Use their minds to think creatively and logically about the course content.
Class Rules
1. Be Respectful
Respect is a two street. Show respect for teachers and classmates and you will
get respect in return. I will give you freedom and respect until you give me a
reason not too!
a. Work at a noise level that allows others to work and study. We can work
in partners until you give me reason not too!
b. Respect the property of others (desks and books included)
c. Obey school policies regarding food, drink, iPods, cell phones, etc- I do
not want to see them.
d. Participate: Ask questions and be an involved member of the class.
e. Be Responsible: Come to class prepared (books, pens, assignments, etc.)
If you don’t have a pen or pencil I will rent you one. I accept phones,
Ipods, or money as collateral. It will be returned when I get my pencil
2. Never Throw Anything
3. Stay Seated Until the Bell Rings
1. Everything Counts
a. I will assign points to EVERY assignment. At the end of the marking
period I will divide the points that YOU earned by the total available
points to determine the grade YOU have earned.
b. Test and Quizzes are based on Classwork
2. Progress Reports
a. A Progress Report will be given at the middle and end of each marking
period. We will dedicate 30 minutes of class time to discuss grades and
review make up work. It is YOUR responsibility to do make up work.
b. If you are absent it will be a “0” until you make it up. When you turn it in
you will be given full credit. Late work will always be accepted for partial
credit, remember some points are better than no points.
c. If you are absent I will give you your missed assignments when I hand
back the previous days’ work. Everything must be complete and turned in
for points.
d. Do not leave any assignments on my desk. I will collect assignments at
the start of each period.
3. Power School/Website
a. Updated daily, feel free to ask questions.