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6th Grade World History
with Mr. Mild
Lakeview Middle School
Teacher Information:
Mr. Craig Mild
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone Number: 330-637-4360
(2:30 p.m.-3:00 pm)
I only have voicemail, so please leave a
message and I'll return your phone call.
Class Description:
Your minds will be challenged in this course as you learn about these ancient
civilizations and more: Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, Rome,
Mesoamerican, and Andean. Throughout this year, you will discover the
people, events, and special accomplishments of each civilization and how
they left their mark on a changing world.
Goals for this course of Ancient World History:
Implement the use of chrome-books on a daily basis.
 Realize the importance of social studies in lifelong learning
 Recognize the contributions of early civilizations
 Demonstrate understanding of how civilizations formed and what role they
played in shaping the world we know today.
Keeping up to date on current events through multiple media sources
Class Materials: All students are responsible for bringing their own materials to
class each and every day. Included are pencils, pens,chromebook, notebook,
pocket folder, colored pencils, worksheets/homework, and textbook.
 Daily Assignments: There WILL NOT be an assignment given every
day. When an assignment is given, I expect assignments to be done by the
dates given in class. If homework is handed in late, you may lose up to
one letter grade for each day it is late. All work assigned MUST be kept in
a notebook. The notebook will count towards their grade.
 Quizzes: Both announced and unannounced. (Typically will be over a
section or two in a chapter) Tests: Each student will be assessed over
concepts learned from each chapter. Students will receive notice of tests at
least 1 week before it will be given.
 Projects: Throughout the semester, students will be completing projects
that will be announced in class. The majority of the projects will be done
in groups. I expect each student to do his/her part within the group (Note:
some out of class time will be needed to complete projects). Due dates for
all projects will be given in class.
1. Be Respectful.
2. Be positive! Be a considerate classmate! Be organized! Be
3. Complete all assignments on time. Each student will
receive 1 “D.O.G.” homework pass (“day-of-grace”) each
quarter. These passes can be used only on daily
assignments, not on tests, quizzes or projects. The pass
provides for a “day-of-grace” on the assignment; students
will still be required to hand in the assignment the
following day, but without point deduction.
4. Be willing to cooperate and work with others!
5. Cheating WILL NOT be tolerated. Any student caught
cheating will receive an automatic zero on the assignment.
Homework Policy
Students work will be marked late if it is not done to specifications as of the start
of the class period. Students will have 3 days to complete the late assignment to
the teacher’s specifications. As a result of being late students may lose points at
the discretion of the teacher.
If students don’t complete and/or turn in work after three days they will receive
a zero for that assignment.
It is the students responsibility to come and see the teacher to hand in papers or
ask if they are unsure of an assignment.
Grade Percentage Break Down:
A 93-100
B 83-92
C 73-82
D 72-60
F 59-0
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