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Chapter 8 Notes - “The Prophet Muhammad”
Complete the statements. If a question includes (RS in CS), that means to restate in a complete
8.2 - Arabia During Muhammad’s Time
1. Islam has its roots in what peninsula? _____________________________________________
2. Muhammad’s birthplace was the city of ____________________________________________.
3. How did Makkah/Mecca gain its wealth? __________________________________________
4. Makkah was a religious center because the Ka’ba, a _______________ shrine was considered
holy. Why? _________________________________________________________________
5. In Muhammad’s day, most Arabs were ________________________, or people who believed in
many gods.
6. The ____________________ language was the main tie that bonded Arabians together.
8.3 - Muhammad’s Early Life
7. Muhammad was born in what year? _______________
8. Muhammad was part of the __________________ clan.
9.Describe Muhammad’s early childhood (RS in CS):
10.What was Muhammad’s job when he grew older? _____________________________________
11.How did Muhammad meet his wife? ________________________________________________
What was her name?
8.4 - The Call to Prophethood
12.Where was Muhammad, and what was he doing, when it
is believed the angel Gabriel told him, “You are the
messenger of God”? (RS in CS) ____________________
13.Is the faith of Islam a polytheistic or monotheistic religion? _______________________________
14.What does the Arabic word “Allah” mean? ____________________________________________
15.Who were Muhammad’s first followers? ______________________________________________
16.Muslims believe that the Qur’an/Koran contains ________________________________________
8.5 - Muhammad’s Teaching Meets with Rejection
17.What were three of the early teachings of Muhammad?
a. ________________________________
b. ________________________________
c. ________________________________
18.Why did most of Makkah’s leaders reject Muhammad’s teachings? (RS in CS)
19.How did Makkah’s leaders try to prevent the spread of Muhammad’s message? ______________
20.Describe the story of the Night Journey that is told in the Qur’an (RS in CS) _______________
21.To this day, ______________________ is a holy city for Muslims.
8.6 - Migration to Madinah/Medina
22.Why did Muhammad migrate, or move, from Mecca to
Madinah? (RS in CS) _____________________________
23.Who were “People of the Book”? ___________________________________________________
24.Muhammad gained many followers in Medina, so why did he go back to Mecca? (RS in CS) _____
25.When Muhammad and his followers arrived in Mecca, what did they do at the Ka’ba?
26.Muhammad died in what year? _________________________
8.7 - The Four Caliphs
27.Upon Muhammad’s death, who replaced him as the Muslim ruler? ________________________
28.The first four caliphs were nicknamed the “rightly guided”. Why? __________________________
29.By 750 CE, Islam had spread to what three continents? _________________________________