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Islam: Empire of Faith – Part 1
Learning Objective
3. Explain and analyze how religion influences societies in North Africa.
Documentary Questions- answer the following questions in complete sentences. The questions will be
answered in order. If you miss an answer, for whatever reason, do not bother other students around
you. At the end of class you will have an opportunity to ask questions.
1. What was the name “of the ordinary man” who would shape Islam? When and where was he born?
2. Why were Islamic poets valued and respected?
3. What was the most important resource in Muhammad’s time? (A resource that was the difference
between life and death.)
4. What was the importance of the Ka’ba?
5. What honor was bestowed upon Muhammad by four tribal chieftains?
6. Describe Muhammad’s first vision.
7. What is the central tenet (main pillar) of Islam?
8. Explain: “One god meant one people.”
Page 1
9. What was the purpose of the Quran?
10. What covers the face of Muhammad in the historical images?
11. According to Muhammad what happens after death?
12. What happened in 619 A.D.?
13. According to the documentary when does Islam start?
14. How did Muhammad treat Jews and Christians in Medina?
15. Why is praying together a “good thing?”
16. What could Meccan’s expect if they lost a tribal war?
17. What did Muhammad come to destroy in Mecca?
18. How many years did it take for the Muslim empire to stretch from Morocco to India?
19. What was the Great Mosque of Damascus before it was a mosque?
20. What was Islam’s first great work of art? Where is it located?
21. After Muhammad dies what did Muslims argue over?
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