Download General Biology Bozeman Cell Membrane video 1. Describe what

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General Biology Bozeman Cell Membrane video
1. Describe what selective permeability is.
2. Identify the major molecules in the cell membrane.
3. Explain what proteins do for the cell.
4. Identify what cells have cell membranes.
5. Identify what cells have cell walls.
6. Explain the two roles cholesterol provides in the membrane.
7. Identify what glycoproteins are and what their importance is.
8. Explain why water can’t pass through the phospholipids.
9. Identify what characteristics a substance must have in order to move through the
membrane, give 2 examples of these substances.
10.Explain what active transport is and identify what it need to function. Give an example.
11.List the two functions of the cell wall.
12.Identify what material makes up the cell wall of:
a. Plants
b. Bacteria
c. Fungi